Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Saying Goodbye

 Well, we are now home in the U.S. - and we are a bit behind on our blog, since we've been computerless for quite awhile. We spent a few weeks in Europe, flew into Boston on May 19th and have been visiting my family in Massachusetts. We'll head out to Wisconsin in a few days, then on to Minnesota and Iowa. Stay posted for further plans as they develop!

It wasn't easy to say our goodbyes to host family and friends in The Gambia. Here are just a few of the photos we took in the final month there.
The trekking team at the hospital in Bwiam: Pa Ous (l) and Ansumana (r)

Goats hoping for a snack at Bwiam's daily market.
My unfavorite chore: ironing with a charcoal iron.

Muhammed looking bored as he minds the local shop.

Chatting outside another local shop.

My friend Sirrah selling at the market.

Local omelet sandwich stand.

Cooking sauce farin.

Yusupha playing with some toys from Holland.

Darrin hanging out in the hospital pharmacy.