Monday, November 21, 2011

"Leap and the net will appear"

I am not sure we have told everyone, but our departure date has been delayed two months. We are now leaving early March 2012 to train with the new Peace Corps volunteers of Senegal. So the first 3 months of our adventure will be in and near Dakar, Senegal. After our training period we will then make The Gambia our home for two years.

This new arrangement leaves us with January and February to revel in our states of homelessness, joblessness, and anxiousness. We are really starting to understand the difficulty in not having our own place to call home, but this is part of our reason for doing this in the first place. We wanted to be liberated, free of stuff, thrown into new environments with new and different resources to work with. This is the start of our journey together and we must learn to let go.

Some of our friends and family have expressed concern for us and many people have asked us if we are angry at the Peace Corps for delaying our departure when we had already committed to leaving our apartment and jobs.  It was frustrating at first, especially since we had so little money to live off of until our departure, but we both agreed that this was a situation that challenges us to really live our belief that a person is in no way the sum of their house, their material belongings, their current job situation or any other transient circumstances. We are lucky to have this time to truly come to appreciate our families and friends who do so much to support us and our goals. We're looking forward to someday being in the position of being able to "pay it forward" (and backward as well). 

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  1. Well what is meant to be always happens. This will give you both plenty of time to find good sticks for the magnets.

    We miss you guys bunches, and if you're here or there before leaving, please do drop a line or email or call.

    The Feeleys