Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Almost there!

In six days we will be leaving for Washington D.C., where we will do paperwork and learn some stuff (and probably get some injections), then fly to Senegal the next day to begin our three-month training period. Right now we are just trying to tie up loose ends here in Preston (mainly we have to clean up the mess we made redoing several of the bedrooms in Darrin's parents' house). We also hope to finish our packing in the next day or two. We pretty much have everything we plan to bring, but there is the inevitable anxiety about having too much stuff and then, alternately, being anxious that we have too little.

Here are a few pictoral highlight from our travels since November 1st:

Darrin at the breakwater in Provincetown, MA while visiting my dad and hometown

Darrin and I hang out with Johanna in Brewster, MA. 

Darrin and Jessie (his sister) enjoying the amazing fall weather in Ohio

Darrin and our niece during our NewYears Eve hat-making festivities in Wisconsin. Molly is eating a suspiciously gummy candy cane from the Christmas tree decorations box that turned out to be older than she is.

We occupy our other niece Josephine with a flask of whiskey. Worst babysitters ever!  (It's actually empty)


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