Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our new home

Our compound Suso Kunda II - it's very new and pretty nice! Our door is the one on the left.

Kawsu cooking on our gas burner. This is the most expensive thing we own here, except our bikes, which really belong to the Peace Corps, not us, so they don't count. Our family was upset one day because I accidentally left it outside and they said someone would jump over the wall to steal it! Oops.

Maamaa carrying water from the sweet tap inside the compound.

View you can see if you climb up on something and look over our back wall. This picture was taken last night, about 20 minutes before a tremendous (and unexpected) rain storm.

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  1. Your new home looks very cozy and warm, and it certainly looks functional. It seems that the bike is the most important thing you have there. Heeh, next time, don't forget that outside. :) I hope you're living great there in Gambia. :)