Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Up country

Many volunteers live further east (inland) than we do, but we didn't have a chance to venture in that direction until this past month. Both Darrin and I travelled to Janjanbureh mid-January to help out with a week-long camp Peace Corps volunteers were running for some senior secondary school students in that area. After spending a few days there, we travelled up to Basse, where Peace Corps Gambia has its second transit house (a place where volunteers can stay when travelling through or doing business in town). We spent a fun few days in Basse with our friend Kathy. We occupied ourselves with cooking, playing games and exploring the town a little bit. The market there had far more veggies than we are able to get in Bwiam, so we went a little crazy eating salad, stir-frys and the like.

We headed back to Janjanbureh to celebrate the "Triple Birthday" on January 12th. My fellow volunteers Jen and Daniel have birthdays on the 13th and my own is on the 14th, so a large group of us met up for a boat cruise on the river and a night at one of the lodges. In typical fashion we met with a few snags in the plan - some German tourists had been given the boat that Jen had reserved well ahead of time, but we managed to find a different lodge with a similar boat and eventually get out on the river. I saw a few baboons, but no hippos. Maybe next time.

Darrin in the kitchen at the Basse house. It's just like a children's playhouse. It even has a (tiny) oven! We would love to have something like that at our house...

Kathy, hanging out in Basse

People crossing the river.

View from the boat as the sun was beginning to set.

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